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About US

At Mark & Myles, we complement our services by endeavoring to not only deliver the infrastructure, but to also handle your logistical needs and requirements. We have invested in an array of transportation equipment ranging from small vans for your small parcels, medium sized trucks to trailers and low-beds for your containerized cargo and/or equipment.



We started off in the year 2014 as Mark & Myles Consulting. This was a specialist professional entity, specializing in Civil/Structural Engineering design and project management including specialised security systems and applications. In the year 2018, we rebranded to Mark & Myles Engineering Limited and expanded our portfolio to include Construction and Logistics. We have a large pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals, organized to ensure safe delivery of your high-quality construction projects within existing boundary constraints


Our team of experts in the areas of architecture, engineering, management and construction bring you the insight and advice you need for your project.

• Ecologic materials and oils
• Human charity for fourth world countries
• Renovable products from the scratch
• State of art metal roofing
• Great experts from all the world
• Home and skyscraper constructions
• Latestes technoliges for ground and underground